Facebook Marketing Tip: Your Facebook Ad was not approved. Edit and try again.

Facebook has updated their Ad Guidelines (again) so for those SMM peeps out there who are wondering why their Ads are not being approved after running the same type of ads with thBranding Guideline (with Logo Watermark) for over a long period of time; try to remove the watermark<See attached picture for reference> 

Facebook Ad was not approved and then approved after the adjustment.

Facebook Ad was not approved and then approved after the adjustment.

As you can see in the picture, my Ad was not approved and I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with it since I’ve been doing the same type of Ads (Page Promotion) for more than 2 years already with the same Branding (Logo Watermark).


I’ve read the Brand Guidelines again and I can’t find any violation on my Ads. I’ve removed the watermark and run the same Ads and God bless us all, it worked! I don’t know if some of you guys have the same problem with Facebook Ads but I hope this helps. (Pardon my English, Brexit is coming!)

The updated Facebook Ads Manager exciting features and more:

  1. Choice of ad campaign workflow
  2. Auto-saving draft & progress
  3. Single source of reports

Choice of ad campaign workflow

The updated Ads Manager will enable Advertisers and Facebook Marketers to use their social connection preferred workflow so whether you prefer the quick Ads creation of Power Editor or the guided Ads creation of the Ads Manager, Facebook Advertisers and Marketers will automatically be opted in to their preferred Workflow.

Auto-saving draft & progress

If also features an Automatic draft saving. This means that Facebook will automatically save your progress such as creating Campaign, Ads Sets and your entire Ad Creation Process. Consider it as Auto-Saving your progress.


Do you have any tips and problems with Facebook Ads? Feel free to comment.